EdenReads is currently in beta. Visit EdenReads.com

Independent authors, authors without a big name publisher, command a growing share of the book market, but getting their books into the hands of readers is still a significant challenge. EdenReads aims to provide another tool in the arsenal of independent authors.

To do this, it:

  • Allows users to publish short form fiction to entice readers into their worlds
  • Lets authors gather email addresses of people who are interested in hearing from them about their books
  • Lets authors publish information about their books, where the book falls in a series, and so on.
  • Enables authors to manage their newsletters including email sends
  • Opens cross-promotion opportunities with other authors of similar work

We are talking with owners of book shops which deal exclusively in independent authors as well as with online services in the hope of partnering, offering the book shop or online group a branded version of EdenReads in exchange for the readers they bring in. There are also a number of other features planned.